Tour de France Live Viewing at Sirens Pub

VIVE LE TOUR! Sirens Pub will be hosting a Tour de France live viewing party this Saturday morning (July 5) for Stage 1 and this Sunday morning (July 6) for Stage 2. Both start at 6am. $12/person gets you a mimosa, croisants, quiche, fruit and other beverages. Come cheer on Tejay van Garderen, Andrew “Pitbull” Talansky and the other Americans as they challenge for the yellow jersey! The Tour starts in England this year – both stages look to be exciting….but I wonder if they will have to ride on the wrong side of the road…

Thule bars and attachments to a good PTBA home

PTBA friends: Bene has some items to get rid of before he moves!

- a pair of Thule bars
- 4 Thule bar feet, that attach to roof rails
- 1 Thule Upright bike mount (the threaded rod – to adjust the frame claw – might need replacement)
- 1 Thule Long tray bike mount
- ? Thule two-part bike mounts (fork and rear wheel mounts are separate)
- ? Thule Spare Wheel mounts
- 1 Performance Roller Trainer with fork mount attachment

Anyone interested? Please let me know.

Bene –