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Olympic Peninsula Bike Maps East Clallam and East Jefferson County Bike Maps are distributed locally at bike shops, visitor centers, outdoor stores and can be picked up for free! We charge for mailing maps to you (see details below). Online printable versions below.

The City of Port Townsend Walking and Cycling Map is currently out of print. You may find a map for sale at local outdoor shops. Look for an update someday.

Olympic Peninsula Maps“Bicycling the Olympic Peninsula” Maps

PTBA, comprised of avid road- and off-road cyclists, have updated two 18″ x 24″ maps of our cycling region in 2014.

“Bicycling the Olympic Peninsula”
1. Eastern Jefferson County (Green text on cover)
2. Eastern Clallam County. (Red text on cover)

Our goal was to provide the information that commuting, recreational and touring cyclists really need: what the width of the shoulder is, relative traffic volumes, available bus routes plus where places to eat, rest rooms, parks, and bike shops are located.

We can also mail you a set (2) for $5.00 USD to cover shipping and handling. Please send $5.00 and your mailing address (domestic) and we will mail them to you. Send your check or money order to: Maps c/o PTBA, P.O. Box 681, Port Townsend, WA 98368.

Going from print to the web to your home printer has some challenges with maps this size. For printing from the web, the maps have been divided into the sections shown below. Each section links to a letter-size (8.5 x 11) PDF. The PDFs will print out at the original map scale of 1″ to 1 mile (make sure that when you print from Acrobat it prints at 100% scale).

We hope you will use these maps to determine which roads or off-road routes best meet your skill and comfort level, and that they’ll help you to enjoy the beautiful cycling in our area.

Check back with us as we continue to update and provide more maps of our area.

Thanks for visiting our web page! Join PTBA and become a part of our effort to make cycling resources available to more and more people. Tailwinds from all of us at PTBA!!

First, start by printing our legend and safety tips:
1. Legend_Introduction.pdf (188 Kb)

Jefferson County divided into 9 pages (N-S) Updated 2014:
1. NJC-1 Port Townsend (200 Kb)
2. NJC-2 Port Ludlow (184 Kb)
3. NJC-3 Discovery Bay (184 Kb)
4. NJC-4 Miller Peninsula (208 Kb)
5. NJC-5 Mt Zion (204 Kb)
6. SJC-1 Hood Canal Bridge (232 Kb)
7. SJC-2 Quilcene (356 Kb)
8. SJC-3 Toandos Peninsula (204 Kb)
9. SJC- 4 Brinnon (332 Kb)

Full size 18″x24″ complete maps:
1. North Jefferson County (3.6 Mb) Updated 2014
2. South Jefferson County  (3.4 Mb) Updated 2014
3. East Clallam County (1.0 Mb)
4. West Clallam County (2.0 Mb)

Clallam County is divided into 8 pages (E-W):
1. ECC-1 Port Angeles (324 Kb)
2. ECC-2 Sequim (332 Kb)
3. ECC-3 Hurricane Ridge (356 Kb)
4. ECC-4 Dungeness Hills (336 Kb)
5. WCC-1 Sadie Creek (328 Kb)
6. WCC-2 Joyce (332 Kb)
7. WCC-3 Elwha River (312 Kb)
8. WCC-4 Elwha Hills (364 Kb)

If you want to bicycle the Olympic Discovery Trail download:
1. ECC-1 Port Angeles (324 Kb)
2. ECC-2 Sequim (332 Kb)
3. NJC-4 Miller Peninsula (208 Kb) to see the completed sections of the trail. Updated 2014
4. Legend_Introduction.pdf (188 Kb)


North Jefferson County
North Jefferson County
South Jefferson County
South Jefferson County
East Clallam County
East Clallam County
West Clallam County
West Clallam County


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These maps are the property of and copyrighted to the Port Townsend Bicycle Association (“PTBA”).
You may print single copies for personal use only.
All other uses, including commercial use of any kind, require the express written consent of the PTBA.
You may contact PTBA at bikemaps(AT)ptbikes(DOT)org.

This map was produced by the following partners and many local cyclists contributed their knowledge of the roadways and trails.
Port Townsend Bicycle Association
Jefferson County
Clallam County
Special thanks to Nancy Borino who encouraged us to take on this project.
Thanks to the Peninsula Regional Transportation Planning Organization for their support. This project was partially-funded by a FHWA grant.